David Sustiel Founder & CEO

David Sustiel is a seasoned entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of ZGU.COM, a prominent digital asset domain marketplace. With an impressive career spanning over 25 years in the domain industry, David has established himself as a leading expert in buying and selling premium domain names.

David’s journey in the domain business began in 1997 when he launched his first moving website. This early venture sparked his passion for domains and set him on a path of continuous growth and success. Over the years, David has been actively involved in acquiring and selling premium domain names, primarily focusing on developing these domains into thriving lead generation businesses within the home services niches.

With a keen eye for valuable digital assets, David has executed countless domain transactions ranging from four to six figures. His extensive experience in the industry has earned him a reputation as a trusted authority in the domain industry.

As the founder and CEO of ZGU.COM, David has built a reputable platform that assists investors and business startups worldwide in buying and selling premium domain names. At ZGU.COM, David prioritizes providing a personalized touch to every deal, ensuring that each client receives top-notch buying and selling services from start to finish. Whether it’s helping a seller maximize the value of their domain or assisting a buyer in finding the perfect domain for their business, David’s expertise and dedication ensure a seamless and successful transaction.

Outside of his role at ZGU.COM, David actively shares his knowledge and insights with the domain community. Additionally, David can be found on Linkedin and Twitter, where he engages with followers and shares industry updates and trends.

David Sustiel’s remarkable journey as an entrepreneur and his deep understanding of the domain market make him an influential figure in the industry. With his commitment to providing exceptional brokering services and his extensive domain knowledge, David continues to play a pivotal role in helping clients worldwide navigate the world of premium domain names.