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Reach thousands of potential domain buyers, Showcase your domain on ZGU.COM with a 180-day listing for just $1.00 per domain. (That’s $0.005 a day).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sell my domain on ZGU.COM’s 0% commission marketplace?

List your domain on ZGU.COM for a minimal one time fee and expose it to thousands of potential domain buyers every day.

What makes ZGU.COM different from other domain marketplaces?

Some domain marketplaces charge up to 30% commission! If ZGU.COM brings you a buyer for your domain and a deal is made, you pay ZGU.COM 0% commission.

Are there any hidden fees or commissions when selling on ZGU.COM?

No, ZGU.COM is a 0% commission marketplace. simply pay a one time fee to list, You keep the entire sale amount without any additional charges.

How do I receive an offer for my domain name?

If you list 1 or 500 domains, each domain will get its own landing page, when an offer is made through your landing page we’ll email you the offer directly.

How do I get paid from ZGU.COM?

ZGU.COM is not an escrow company, we don’t handle payments. we simply make the connection between the buyer and seller. is one of the best domain escrow service provider worldwide.

Buy Domains: Unlock the Power of ZGU.COM Domain Marketplace

In the fast-paced digital age, domain names have evolved beyond mere web addresses; they’ve become valuable assets in the online landscape. If you’re looking to buy domains or sell your own, ZGU.COM Domain Marketplace is a name you should know.

Why Choose ZGU.COM?

When it comes to domain marketplaces, ZGU.COM stands out as one of the best options available. What sets it apart? Well, for starters, ZGU.COM charges a small fee to list your domain name, and that’s it. You pay 0% commission when your domain sells. This straightforward fee structure benefits both buyers and sellers, making it an attractive platform for anyone in the market to buy domains.

Global Reach for Your Domain

One of the primary advantages of using ZGU.COM to buy or sell domains is the platform’s global reach. When you list your domain on ZGU.COM, you instantly gain access to thousands of potential domain buyers from around the world. This extensive reach significantly increases your chances of finding the right buyer for your domain.

Direct Negotiations: No Middleman, No Commission

ZGU.COM empowers sellers by allowing them to negotiate directly with potential buyers. This direct communication eliminates the need for intermediaries and cuts out the hefty commissions that some other marketplaces charge. In a domain marketplace that values transparency and direct dealings, ZGU.COM is a breath of fresh air.

The Importance of Trusted Escrow Services

While ZGU.COM offers a secure platform for domain transactions, it’s always highly recommended to use a trusted third-party escrow company like This extra layer of protection ensures that both the buyer and seller fulfill their obligations before the domain changes hands. It’s a smart move to safeguard your transaction and ensure a smooth, worry-free experience.

How to Buy Domains on ZGU.COM

If you’re in the market to buy domains, ZGU.COM makes the process straightforward and user-friendly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Create an Account

Begin by creating an account on ZGU.COM. It’s a simple process that requires basic information. Once you’re registered, you can start exploring the marketplace.

2. Search for Your Desired Domain

Use the search feature to find the domain you’re interested in. ZGU.COM offers an extensive catalog of domain names, so you’re likely to find the perfect match for your online venture.

3. Check Domain Details

Click on the domain name to view its details, including the price, seller information, and any additional information provided by the seller. This information will help you make an informed decision.

4. Contact the Seller

If you’re interested in a domain, you can reach out to the seller directly through the ZGU.COM platform. This direct communication ensures that you can negotiate terms and ask any questions you may have.

5. Secure the Domain

Once you and the seller have agreed on the terms, it’s time to secure the domain. ZGU.COM offers a secure transaction process to ensure that your purchase is protected.

How to Sell Domains on ZGU.COM

If you have domain names that you want to sell, ZGU.COM provides a platform to connect with potential buyers. Here’s how to get started:

1. List Your Domain

Create a listing for your domain on ZGU.COM by providing all the relevant information about the domain name, including its price and any additional details that may appeal to potential buyers. Remember, ZGU.COM charges a small fee for listing your domain.

2. Respond to Inquiries

When potential buyers express interest in your domain, be prompt in responding to their inquiries. Effective communication can help you negotiate a favorable deal.

3. Negotiate Directly

ZGU.COM encourages direct negotiations between buyers and sellers. This allows you to discuss terms, reach agreements, and finalize the sale without the need for a middleman or additional commission fees.

4. Use Escrow Services

While ZGU.COM offers a secure platform, it’s wise to use a trusted third-party escrow service like to ensure a safe and smooth transaction. Escrow services provide an added layer of security for both parties.

Why ZGU.COM is Your Go-To Domain Marketplace

ZGU.COM Domain Marketplace offers a host of advantages for both buyers and sellers in the world of domains. Whether you want to buy domains for your online venture or sell your domain portfolio, ZGU.COM provides a user-friendly platform with global reach and fair pricing.

For Buyers:

  • Global Reach: Gain access to a vast selection of domain names from around the world, increasing your chances of finding the perfect domain for your needs.

  • Direct Negotiations: Communicate directly with sellers to negotiate terms, ensuring a transparent and efficient buying process.

  • Secure Transactions: ZGU.COM offers a secure transaction process to protect your investment and ensure a worry-free when you buy domains.

For Sellers:

  • Fair Pricing: ZGU.COM charges a nominal fee for listing your domain and takes 0% commission upon a successful sale, allowing you to maximize your earnings.

  • Global Exposure: Reach a global audience of potential buyers, increasing your chances of finding the right buyer for your domain.

  • Direct Dealings: Enjoy the freedom of negotiating directly with buyers, eliminating the need for intermediaries and their associated fees.