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Reach thousands of potential domain buyers, Showcase your domain on ZGU.COM with a 180-day listing for just $1.00 per domain. (That’s $0.005 a day).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sell my domain on ZGU.COM’s 0% commission marketplace?

List your domain on ZGU.COM for a minimal one time fee and expose it to thousands of potential domain buyers every day.

What makes ZGU.COM different from other domain marketplaces?

Some domain marketplaces charge up to 30% commission! If ZGU.COM brings you a buyer for your domain and a deal is made, you pay ZGU.COM 0% commission.

Are there any hidden fees or commissions when selling on ZGU.COM?

No, ZGU.COM is a 0% commission marketplace. simply pay a one time fee to list, You keep the entire sale amount without any additional charges.

How do I receive an offer for my domain name?

If you list 1 or 500 domains, each domain will get its own landing page, when an offer is made through your landing page we’ll email you the offer directly.

How do I get paid from ZGU.COM?

ZGU.COM is not an escrow company, we don’t handle payments. we simply make the connection between the buyer and seller. is one of the best domain escrow service provider worldwide.

Unlocking the Power of Domain Marketplace: ZGU.COM

In the vast and dynamic world of the internet, where digital assets hold immense value, Domain Marketplaces play a pivotal role in connecting sellers with potential buyers. ZGU.COM Domain Marketplace emerges as a shining star in this realm, offering a seamless experience for both sellers and buyers alike.

ZGU.COM Domain Marketplace: Your Gateway to Success

When it comes to selling domain names, ZGU.COM is undoubtedly one of the best Domain Marketplaces available. With its user-friendly platform and attractive features, it provides an ideal environment for individuals and businesses looking to monetize their digital real estate.

Zero Percent Commission: A Game-Changer for Sellers

One of the standout features that sets ZGU.COM apart is its zero percent commission policy. Unlike many other Domain Marketplaces, ZGU.COM charges sellers a small fee to list their domain names and nothing more. This means that when your domain sells, you get to keep 100% of the proceeds. It’s a game-changer for those looking to maximize their earnings from domain sales.

Global Reach: Thousands of Potential Buyers Await

ZGU.COM’s reach extends far and wide, connecting sellers with thousands of potential domain buyers worldwide. The platform’s extensive network ensures that your domain name gets the exposure it deserves, increasing the likelihood of finding the perfect buyer who sees the true value in your digital asset.

Direct Negotiation: Bypass the Middleman

Another noteworthy aspect of ZGU.COM’s Domain Marketplace is the freedom it provides to sellers. Unlike some other platforms that involve middlemen and charge hefty commissions, ZGU.COM allows sellers to negotiate directly with buyers. This direct interaction empowers you to set your terms and conditions without any intermediaries getting in the way.

The Importance of Trust: as Your Partner

While ZGU.COM offers a secure environment for domain transactions, it’s always highly recommended to use a trusted third-party Escrow company like This extra layer of security ensures that both parties, the seller and the buyer, can have complete peace of mind throughout the transaction process. acts as a neutral party, holding the funds until all conditions are met, thereby safeguarding the interests of both parties.

Why ZGU.COM Domain Marketplace Stands Out

In a crowded marketplace of domain selling platforms, ZGU.COM shines brightly due to its unique and seller-friendly features. Let’s delve deeper into what sets this platform apart from the rest.

1. Transparent Fee Structure

ZGU.COM’s fee structure is refreshingly transparent. While some marketplaces may surprise you with hidden fees or exorbitant commissions, ZGU.COM charges a nominal fee to list your domain, and that’s it. There are no unexpected deductions from your final sale price, ensuring that you get the full value of your domain.

2. Empowering Direct Negotiation

When you list your domain on ZGU.COM, you have the opportunity to engage in direct negotiations with potential buyers. This means you have full control over the selling process, from setting the price to negotiating the terms. There are no middlemen dictating the rules, making it a seller’s paradise.

3. Global Exposure

Your domain deserves the attention of a worldwide audience, and ZGU.COM makes sure it gets it. With a vast network of potential buyers from different corners of the globe, your domain gains visibility that can lead to a quicker and more profitable sale.

4. Zero Percent Commission

Perhaps the most attractive feature of ZGU.COM’s Domain Marketplace is the zero percent commission policy. While other platforms may take a significant portion of your earnings, ZGU.COM lets you keep it all. When your domain sells, you receive the entire sale amount without any deductions. This approach is a testament to ZGU.COM’s commitment to helping sellers maximize their profits.

5. Trusted Escrow Partner:

While ZGU.COM offers a secure platform, it’s essential to prioritize trust and security in any online transaction. This is where comes into play. By partnering with, you ensure that your domain sale is conducted with the highest level of security and professionalism. Funds are held in escrow until all conditions are met, protecting both parties from fraud or disputes.

How to Get Started on ZGU.COM

Now that you’re aware of the many advantages of ZGU.COM’s Domain Marketplace, you might be eager to get started. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to begin your journey to successful domain selling on ZGU.COM:

1. Register Your Account

The first step is to create an account on ZGU.COM. This is a straightforward process that involves providing some basic information about yourself or your business. Once your account is set up, you’re ready to explore the platform.

2. List Your Domain

After registration, you can start listing your domain names for sale. ZGU.COM offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to input all the necessary details about your domain, including its name, description, and asking price. Remember, the listing fee is minimal, ensuring that you get the most value for your investment.

3. Engage in Direct Negotiation

Once your domain is listed, potential domain buyers will reach out to discuss the terms of the sale. ZGU.COM encourages direct negotiation, giving you the freedom to communicate with buyers and find mutually agreeable terms. This direct interaction streamlines the process and puts you in control.

4. Use for Added Security

While ZGU.COM provides a secure environment for transactions, it’s wise to consider using as your trusted partner. When both parties agree on the terms, will securely hold the funds until all conditions are met, ensuring a safe and fair transaction.

5. Complete the Sale

Once negotiations are finalized, and the buyer has fulfilled the conditions of the sale, the domain transfer process can begin. With overseeing the transaction, you can be confident that everything will proceed smoothly. After the transfer is complete, you’ll receive the full sale amount in your account, ready to use as you see fit.