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Reach thousands of potential domain buyers, Showcase your domain on ZGU.COM with a 180-day listing for just $1.00 per domain. (That’s $0.005 a day).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sell my domain on ZGU.COM’s 0% commission marketplace?

List your domain on ZGU.COM for a minimal one time fee and expose it to thousands of potential domain buyers every day.

What makes ZGU.COM different from other domain marketplaces?

Some domain marketplaces charge up to 30% commission! If ZGU.COM brings you a buyer for your domain and a deal is made, you pay ZGU.COM 0% commission.

Are there any hidden fees or commissions when selling on ZGU.COM?

No, ZGU.COM is a 0% commission marketplace. simply pay a one time fee to list, You keep the entire sale amount without any additional charges.

How do I receive an offer for my domain name?

If you list 1 or 500 domains, each domain will get its own landing page, when an offer is made through your landing page we’ll email you the offer directly.

How do I get paid from ZGU.COM?

ZGU.COM is not an escrow company, we don’t handle payments. we simply make the connection between the buyer and seller. is one of the best domain escrow service provider worldwide.

Sell Domain Broker: Why ZGU.COM Domain Marketplace is Your Best Choice

Are you looking to sell your domain names and maximize your profits? Look no further than ZGU.COM Domain Marketplace. With its user-friendly platform and cost-effective approach, ZGU.COM is undoubtedly one of the best domain marketplaces for sellers.

Zero Percent Commission – Unmatched Profit Potential

When you sell your domain names through ZGU.COM, you pay zero percent commission when your domain successfully sells. Unlike many other domain marketplaces that charge hefty commissions, ZGU.COM prioritizes your profits. Instead of losing a significant chunk of your earnings to fees, you get to keep every cent from the sale.

Affordable Listing Fees – Start Selling Without Breaking the Bank

ZGU.COM charges a small fee to list your domain name on their platform. This fee is an affordable investment in reaching thousands of potential domain buyers worldwide. It’s a small price to pay for the exposure and opportunity that ZGU.COM provides to domain sellers.

Global Reach – Tap into a Vast Buyer Network

Selling domain names on ZGU.COM means gaining access to a vast network of potential buyers from around the world. Your domain will be exposed to a diverse and global audience, increasing the likelihood of finding the perfect buyer willing to pay top dollar for your domain.

Direct Negotiation – No Middleman, No Commission

One of the standout features of ZGU.COM is its direct negotiation approach. Unlike other platforms that act as intermediaries and charge additional fees, ZGU.COM lets sellers negotiate directly with buyers. This direct communication streamlines the process and ensures that you have full control over the sale, including the final price.

Trust and Security – The Importance of Escrow Services

While ZGU.COM offers a secure platform for transactions, it’s always highly recommended to use a trusted third-party Escrow company like This additional layer of security ensures that both the buyer and seller are protected during the domain transfer process.

The ZGU.COM Advantage – Your Path to Profitable Domain Sales

Choosing ZGU.COM as your domain marketplace is a smart business decision. Their commitment to helping sellers maximize profits through zero percent commission, affordable listing fees, and direct negotiation sets them apart from the competition.

A Closer Look at Zero Percent Commission

In the domain industry, commissions can quickly eat into your earnings, leaving you with less than you deserve. ZGU.COM eliminates this concern by charging sellers a flat, zero percent commission. When your domain sells, you get to keep the entire sale amount, allowing you to reinvest or pocket the proceeds as you see fit.

Affordable Listing Fees – A Small Investment for Big Returns

Listing your domain on ZGU.COM comes with a minimal fee, ensuring that you can start selling without breaking the bank. This upfront investment is a small price to pay for the opportunity to showcase your domain to a vast and diverse audience of potential buyers.

Global Reach – Expanding Your Market Horizons

ZGU.COM’s international reach means that your domain can attract buyers from every corner of the globe. This global exposure significantly enhances your chances of finding the right buyer who values your domain’s worth. The wider the audience, the better your chances of securing a lucrative sale.

Direct Negotiation – Taking Charge of Your Domain Sale

ZGU.COM empowers sellers by facilitating direct communication with buyers. This approach eliminates the need for intermediaries and their associated commissions. As the seller, you can negotiate the terms, conditions, and price directly with potential buyers, ensuring you get the best deal possible.

Trust and Security – The Role of Escrow Services

While ZGU.COM provides a secure platform for domain transactions, it’s wise to enlist the services of a trusted Escrow company like for an added layer of protection. Escrow services ensure that the buyer and seller fulfill their obligations, and the domain transfer is smooth and secure.

Why ZGU.COM Stands Out

ZGU.COM’s commitment to maximizing sellers’ profits makes it a standout choice in the domain marketplace industry. When you choose ZGU.COM, you’re choosing a platform designed to put more money in your pocket.

A Platform Designed for Sellers

ZGU.COM is tailored to meet the needs of domain sellers. The zero percent commission policy means you don’t have to worry about losing a significant portion of your earnings to fees. Instead, you keep the entire sale amount, allowing you to reap the full benefits of your domain’s value.

Getting Started with Minimal Investment

With ZGU.COM, you can start selling your domain names without a substantial upfront cost. The low listing fees make it accessible for sellers of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. It’s an affordable way to get your domains in front of potential buyers worldwide.

A Worldwide Audience at Your Fingertips

Selling on ZGU.COM means tapping into a vast network of potential buyers. Your domain will be showcased to a global audience, increasing the likelihood of attracting the right buyer who recognizes the value of your domain. ZGU.COM’s reach is your advantage.

Direct Negotiation for Maximum Control

ZGU.COM empowers sellers by enabling direct negotiation with buyers. This direct communication ensures that you can discuss the sale terms, pricing, and any other specifics directly with the interested parties. It’s a seller-centric approach that allows you to make informed decisions and secure the best possible deal.

Enhanced Security with Escrow Services

While ZGU.COM provides a secure platform for transactions, utilizing a trusted Escrow company like adds an extra layer of security. Escrow services ensure that both parties fulfill their obligations, guaranteeing a smooth and secure domain transfer.