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Reach thousands of potential domain buyers, Showcase your domain on ZGU.COM with a 180-day listing for just $1.00 per domain. (That’s $0.005 a day).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sell my domain on ZGU.COM’s 0% commission marketplace?

List your domain on ZGU.COM for a minimal one time fee and expose it to thousands of potential domain buyers every day.

What makes ZGU.COM different from other domain marketplaces?

Some domain marketplaces charge up to 30% commission! If ZGU.COM brings you a buyer for your domain and a deal is made, you pay ZGU.COM 0% commission.

Are there any hidden fees or commissions when selling on ZGU.COM?

No, ZGU.COM is a 0% commission marketplace. simply pay a one time fee to list, You keep the entire sale amount without any additional charges.

How do I receive an offer for my domain name?

If you list 1 or 500 domains, each domain will get its own landing page, when an offer is made through your landing page we’ll email you the offer directly.

How do I get paid from ZGU.COM?

ZGU.COM is not an escrow company, we don’t handle payments. we simply make the connection between the buyer and seller. is one of the best domain escrow service provider worldwide.

Sell Domain Name: Unlock the Potential of ZGU.COM Domain Marketplace

Are you looking to sell domain names and maximize your profits? Look no further than ZGU.COM Domain Marketplace, where you can list your domains, reach a global audience of potential buyers, and pay a 0% commission when your domain sells.

The Power of ZGU.COM

In the competitive world of online domain trading, finding the right platform to sell domain names is crucial. ZGU.COM stands out as one of the best domain marketplaces, offering a host of advantages for sellers.

Zero Commission, Maximum Profit

At ZGU.COM, we understand that every dollar matters when you’re looking to sell domain names. That’s why we charge a small fee to list your domain name, but the best part is that we don’t take a percentage of your final sale price. You keep 100% of the profit when your domain sells. Say goodbye to hefty commissions that eat into your earnings.

Global Reach, Global Opportunities

To succeed in the domain-selling game, you need exposure to a vast and diverse audience of potential buyers. ZGU.COM provides precisely that. Our platform connects you with thousands of potential domain buyers worldwide, giving your domain the visibility it deserves. With our global reach, you can tap into markets you might have never considered before.

Direct Negotiation: No Middle Man

When you sell domain names through ZGU.COM, you have the unique advantage of negotiating directly with the buyer. There’s no middleman involved, no intermediaries taking a cut of your hard-earned money. This direct interaction allows you to build a rapport with potential buyers, understand their needs, and secure the best deal possible.

Secure Transactions with

While direct negotiations are advantageous, it’s always essential to ensure the safety of your transaction. ZGU.COM highly recommends using a trusted third-party escrow company like This added layer of security ensures that both parties fulfill their obligations before the domain transfer is finalized, minimizing the risk of fraud or disputes.

Listing Your Domain on ZGU.COM

Listing your domain on ZGU.COM is a straightforward process designed to get your domain in front of potential buyers quickly and efficiently. Here’s how you can start the journey to sell domain names on our platform:

  1. Sign Up: Create an account on ZGU.COM. It’s a quick and easy process that allows you to access our platform and start listing your domains immediately.

  2. Add Your Domain: Once you’re logged in, use our user-friendly interface to add your domain name to the marketplace. Provide detailed information about your domain, including its unique selling points and any relevant history or traffic statistics.

  3. Set Your Price: Decide on a competitive price for your domain. Remember that pricing can significantly influence a buyer’s decision. ZGU.COM provides tools and guidance to help you determine the optimal price.

  4. Negotiate Directly: Interested buyers will contact you directly through our platform to initiate negotiations. Engage with potential buyers, answer their questions, and work towards a mutually beneficial deal.

  5. Use For added security, opt to use a trusted escrow service like to facilitate the transaction. This ensures that both parties fulfill their obligations before the domain transfer occurs.

  6. Complete the Sale: Once you and the buyer agree on the terms and conditions, and the funds are secured through escrow, you can transfer the domain to the new owner. ZGU.COM provides guidance on the domain transfer process to make it smooth and hassle-free.

  7. Receive Your Payment: Enjoy the satisfaction of receiving your payment in full, minus the small listing fee you paid upfront. ZGU.COM takes no commission, allowing you to maximize your profits.

Why Choose ZGU.COM to Sell Domain Names

If you’re still wondering why ZGU.COM is one of the best domain marketplaces to sell domain names, consider these compelling reasons:

  1. Zero Commission: Unlike many other platforms, ZGU.COM doesn’t take a percentage of your sale. You get to keep all the money when your domain sells, maximizing your return on investment.

  2. Global Exposure: Our marketplace connects you with potential buyers from around the world, giving you the broadest reach possible. Your domain deserves to be seen by a global audience.

  3. Direct Negotiation: With no middleman involved, you have the freedom to negotiate directly with buyers. This personal touch can help you secure better deals and build lasting relationships.

  4. Safety First: ZGU.COM prioritizes the safety of your transactions. We recommend using a trusted escrow service like to ensure secure and transparent dealings.

  5. User-Friendly Interface: Our platform is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy for you to list your domains and manage your sales efficiently.

  6. Support and Guidance: ZGU.COM provides support and guidance throughout the process, from listing your domain to completing the sale. We’re here to help you succeed.